16gb memory card

16gb memory card - If you need a memory card and you think that your best choice would be a 16gb memory card. Then this post will be your great help to you.
In this post, we will make you clear about the things to consider while buying a 16gb memory card. In a case you need 4gb or 8gb card or a 32gb memory card then you go through it now.

Buy 16gb memory card in India

In India, there are a lot of choices if you go to buy a memory card. Even in a 16gb category, you will find a dozen varieties of card with a different price range. 

If you go through this article we will guide to towards choosing your best memory card for your phone or tablet.

Precautions before buying Memory Card:

  1. You buy something that worth a price. You'll never want to buy a fake or low-quality card.
  2. Never buy a card in a shop you don't visit frequently. There are a lot of fake card sellers out there in the market.
  3. In some case, even the retailers do not know that the card they are selling is a low-quality card. 
  4. Buy your card from authorised stores. 
  5. Buying from an online shop would be a good choice.
  6. This is because these companies deal directly with the manufacturer and they are made sure they pass the standard quality check before launching them in their stores.

16gb memory card price in India:

As I have mentioned in all of the posts. The price of memory cards not only depends on storage capacity but the quality, brand and read-write speed matters actually. This makes the price range available for 16gb memory cards is  ₹240.00-750.00 ($4-12 USD).

Here the price only depends on the other three factors than storage capacity.